Do You Want to Pick the Chinese Trading Company that suits Types Chinese Trading Companies. How to Choose the Best

//Do You Want to Pick the Chinese Trading Company that suits Types Chinese Trading Companies. How to Choose the Best

Do You Want to Pick the Chinese Trading Company that suits Types Chinese Trading Companies. How to Choose the Best

If you are planning to source tempered glass screen protector from China then you are surely on the right track. Souring from China will help you to create your own business niche. In general, importers all over the world think that only way they can do business with Chinese companies is through the middleman.  We can say is that this is utterly a misconception. You can do your business the way you want it, either you can take the help of the middlemen or you can deal directly with the tempered glass screen protector factory.  All you need to do is to negotiate the entire dealing process in the right manner.  In this regard you can find numerous articles and presentations that can give you different opinions and directions about purchasing ways and factors. In most cases, these articles are expressing the views as per their own business interests.

In this article we are trying to provide you with the information about different trading companies in China that can have worker strength ranging from 1-2 people to a few hundred. Next time you are planning to source tempered glass screen protectors from China this article surely help you.

Moreover we will try to show & explain you below mentioned points so that you can stay in an advantageous position.

Business Model of Trading company’s | Choosing the right platform |Advantages & Disadvantages

Possible scams

I am about to show you all you need to know about dealing with Chinese trading companies, and I assure you that you will find the information very beneficial with my recommendations included. Read on; I bet you will learn a lot.


  1. A certain-filed trading company


Business Model

If you are looking for a stable business organization whose roots are deeply integrated with the history and culture of China then this is the company for you. Over the years, they have developed a highly-skilled and competent team and a supply chain that is vast enough to fulfill all your requirements.

Interestingly, you may land up with better price offered by them in comparison with the price that you are getting directly from the tempered glass screen protector manufacturing companies.


Reasons that can help you to pick this type-

In general, if you get the chance to make deal directly with the manufacturers or factories you may witness the price difference that is being offered by them is 10-15%. On the other hand, there are some trading companies, who know how to negotiate with them and create a way to get the assurance of high-quality tempered glass screen protectors from them with a real competitive price. In short, you can get a fair deal.

For your knowledge, there are tempered glass screen protector manufacturing companies in China who do not have all the facility or machines in their disposal. They buy different accessories from other factories and assembled them in one. They even run quality tests to other facilities. In this type of case, you need to find the one who can offer everything under one roof.  Once you opt for this provision then you will save lot of your time, effort and money.
But, you will find it difficult to find these manufacturing companies if you search in Google or Alibaba as they are not good at adapting online marketing and technology. Moreover, most of them don’t want to take extra burden of handling customers online which is why they delegate the responsibility to trading companies to boost their sales.


Due to their high professionalism in a specific niche and their years of experience in the industry, these companies fare better than some grocery-type trading company.

This type of Trading companies are highly professional and experienced and sometime they can give you better deal than tempered glass screen protector factories and other low-level trading companies.


Sometimes, they cannot compete with the manufacturing companies who have mass production capabilities as they can outbid this type of trading companies. For instance, if you want to order say one thousand or more tempered glass screen protector, we would always suggest you to deal and order directly with the manufacturing company.

Finding and identifying them

There are two ways of finding and identifying them. One is of course search online, mainly in Alibaba or Google and other by attending trade shows and fairs that are held mainly in China. If you are going for online search then your prime task will be to check the stock of the product if it’s available or not. On the other hand, if you prefer to visit trade shows, then check the items on display. If they are having wide range of products apart from tempered glass screen protector then chances are high that that the company is a trading company.

In order to get high-quality tempered glass screen protector at a reasonable price without stressing the fact that from you are getting factory or trading company, you may rely on the later.



  1. Grocery-style trading company

Business model

This type of trading company deals with all types of products and one of them can be tempered glass screen protector, provided there are good numbers of tempered glass screen protector manufacturers around it. If you look at the website of this type of trading company you will find that the seller (trading company) has uploaded all types of products as they don’t have any special preference for any particular product.



Main problem with this type of company is the professionalism. Trading companies under this category are not focussed on a single product because their focus is to sell as much as possible and that too with different types of products. It is always better not to associate yourself with this type of trading company as you may not always get the type of product you are looking for. Moreover, tempered glass screen protector sometime needs customization, especially when you are looking to build your own brand and this type of company won’t be able to serve your purpose. Remember, grocery-type trading companies do not involve themselves in any way in the production or the development process of tempered glass screen protector such as material selection, testing, quality control and other areas.



They can give you wide variety of options in tempered glass screen protector as they have the capability to source from different factories. But you will get what is on the display, noting outside of that.


Where to find them

Also, having many unrelated products stocked in a booth is not appropriate for a trade show.

Look for all the e commerce sites such as Alibaba and Dhgate but don’t try to locate them in trade fairs. This is because, the overall cost of putting their names in Alibaba with an annual fee of $4500 rather than showing up to a trade fair which may cost them around $15,000.


  1. Hot-selling type trading company

Business model


This type of trading company either creates the trend or follows the trend in selling. They sell those items which are selling like hotcakes means those items whose appeal are enormous and those products are easily available in China.  They can identify upcoming trends very quickly and have the ability to procure them really quickly and sell them for two to three months to make quick and high profit. If they realize that the demand of any particular product takes a dip then they stop doing business on that product and start looking for another one.



Hot Selling trading companies always back you up with quick shipping and constant supply till the product is trending. Whereas, grocery-type trading can ask you to wait bit longer showing the reason of unavailability of the product and they can do it even after made the payment. So, there is chance of you losing to your competitors. But you will always be an advantageous position if you are relying on Hot Selling Trading Company for a particular tempered glass screen protector which is trending at a particular time. You will surely get your product delivered in due time.


This type of company doesn’t stick to one product for a longer period of time and this is true for tempered glass screen protector too. Moreover, they have a very few employees and sometimes they don’t have proper office also.  If the product is not trending worldwide you won’t get it even if your customers are demanding it in a big way.  Another thing that one must take guard against is their claim to have factories of their own which is not true at all.

Where to find them

Try to find them online portals that are mainly dealing with Chinese companies such as Alibaba, Aliexpress and Dhgate. You can find the in all the platforms and segments just to sell their products as fast as possible.  If you are looking within China then the location of hot selling trading company then you should look in Shenzhen or Yiwu. Otherwise, you can always look up to the online portals

  1. SOHO trading company


Business model

SOHO, the name of this trading company type is an abbreviation of Small Office, Home Office. The name itself suggests what type of companies it represents and what their manpower is. This type of trading companies mainly banking on few loyal customers and run their business from the comfort of their home. Owners of these companies have gained prior experiences from different big trading companies and factories as employees. SOHO companies mainly perform their trading on Alibaba or different portals and project them as the best trusted and knowledgeable in the industry.

Some may tag them as unreliable but there are many SOHO companies who are really good at their work. You can find mainly three types of SOHO companies such as:  Certain-filed SOHO | Grocery-type SOHO | Hot-selling type SOHO


Low overhead and establishment costs always give SOHO companies edge over other trading companies. In case of tempered glass screen protector, you can search for SOHO companies if you are looking for far better price compared to most of the manufacturing units / factories in China and other trading companies. Their services too are far better than other companies; they can take all the responsibilities to solve your problems with your supplier to provide you the best quality tempered glass screen protector from them.


Try to avoid grocery-type SOHO trading companies. We have said it earlier in this article that grocery-type trading companies deal with different products and items. Tempered glass screen protector is one of their selling items. Moreover, if they are completely occupied then you may not get your way through to get your work done in time. If they are overtly occupied then their efficiency and output level stoops to low as your order can get delayed as they unable to attend your concerns on time.

Where to find them

Look for them in Alibaba, Made-in-China or other China based portals as well as their own websites.

How to identify them

Once you pick any trading company and wanted to find whether it is a SOHO company or not the first thing you should ask, is a photo of their office or factory. Check minutely all the details such as logo on the wall or table, company people etc. Second thing that you must do is to check their contact numbers and try to verify them. Generally, each office has a landline number not the mobile number only. If you come across all types of excuses such as not in the office or out to visit another factory etc then rest assured you have landed into a SOHO one.

Just Remember, the aim of maximum SOHO companies is to make their clients’ business grow in a quick period of time and establish a long-term trusted relationship with clients.  Most of them are really hardworking and competitive. They handle clients’ business as their own.


  1. Sourcing Company

Business model

To be very honest there is hardly any difference between a sourcing company and a trading company.  Only thing that make all the difference is that sourcing company takes all the responsibility for its clients. Sourcing company takes all the pains to find the right supplier or manufacturer of tempered glass screen protector. Moreover, they will supervise the production process, Quality Control and ship the product to your destination.

Who needs them?

First timers, who are looking to set their business up with the help of Chinese product, can get the required help from these sourcing companies. You don’t have to worry too much about the entire procedure as they will take up the charge on behalf of you to get things done. If you are looking for customized tempered glass screen protector they can get it done too.


You can have loads of options with the suppliers and rates. Price range can be flexible and they can negotiate on behalf of you to get you the quality product in a much affordable price.

There are some sourcing companies who are not professional enough and create a hell lot of problems for you. You may not get the quality product for which you have paid a huge amount of money.  Sometimes, there communication is poor and they are neither able to convey your messages to the factory nor they give you the right information about the manufacturer.

Where to find them

You can locate sourcing companies on Alibaba and via Google search. If you have the means, you can come to China for the Canton Fair. You will see several large sourcing companies in the shipping area. But to be honest, it’s really difficult to tell if they are good or bad until you started working together cooperatively.

As a product, tempered glass screen protector is in high demand. Buyers from around the world always try to find a good supplier or manufacturer from China.  We at MPG assure our buyers with the quality and the price. Throughout this article we have tried to guide you through various types of Chinese Trading companies in an honest manner. Our customers have narrated their plights while importing tempered glass screen protectors with the help of different trading companies.  We are sure this article will help importers to choose the right trading company to source the product they are looking for.  We have range of products that caters different brand of mobiles. You can also ask as to make customized tempered glass screen protector for you. If you have any problem or doubt or question please do not hesitate to ask us. We will try to get back to you with proper answer as soon as possible.

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