How Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector Work ?

//How Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector Work ?

How Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector Work ?

Anyone using Smartphone loves to have the privacy intact. But there are times when you caught a stranger or someone who is not needed at that point of time looking at your phone over your shoulder.  Think of any public transport that is bit crowded and you are browsing your Smartphone screen and you can be rest assured more than one people is looking at your phone’s screen either straight or squinting their eyes to get a proper view.  People have an irritating tendency to glance over your phone despite the fact that the phone is yours and everything you are doing on it is not for public purview. You may plan to surprise your friend or spouse and constantly browsing your phones for proper gifts yet there are people around you who will somehow get their ways to glace over your screen. This get more serious when you are answering and important official e-mail that needs immediate attention and you are doing at any public place like –shopping mall, metro or any crowded squares of the city and you will find people are hanging their necks and eyes out to have a look on your Smartphone’s screen.

Broad Story – In Details
This type of visual hacking has been around for years as you might have experience in the past as someone lures your PIN code for your credit card or some other important information.  These days our phones are our databank of information from personal to professional and we are accessing those information almost on a daily basis.   Think of all the apps that are installed in your phone, think of all the information, e-mail, Whatsapp, photos that you check time and again. You have to on your guard all along during the use of your phone and how inconvenient is that?
We use our Smartphone almost everywhere thus we are leaving the content of the screens exposed to the world. Let’s talk few more examples such as – logins, payroll information and countless other sensitive data about you, your friends and family, and the company you work for. Don’t you need bit of privacy for all those reasons? Don’t you want to protect the content from unwanted glares and visual hackers? Don’t you pay heed to the recommendation that your Smartphone needs privacy?

Of course you do want to protect your privacy and that of your phone.  Tempered glass screen protector does offer the option of protecting your phone’s privacy so that you can enjoy each of your activity in the crowded places and feel safe. So, in order to maintain complete discretion it’s always advisable install privacy tempered glass screen protector.


How it Works

This process is actually a ground-breaking and innovative product as screen protector because it protects your phone in different ways and we will discuss all the points in this article. Wholesale market of tempered glass screen protector is made from the high quality glass that promises toughness and durability which also mean it provides impact protection and scratch resistance, and helps prevent cracked screens.  Producers of tempered glass screen protectors always try to incorporate different high-end technologies to their process to craft best product for the market.

One of such processes helps to darken the screen of your Smartphone if the angles are greater than 45° and prevents onlookers from viewing your screen. Interestingly, when you view the content of your phone’s screen straight on, you will still have a clear view of the content your phone. Just remember, in this case the effectiveness of the privacy of your screen is valid when the phone is in vertical position. In any case, if you at all want to share your information to anyone else, just turn the phone sideways to landscape view then it will be easier for the person who is standing beside you to view the matter on your phone screen. When the matter is over just turn the phone back to vertical and your screen is once again obstructed.


As we discussed earlier, in this article the task of any privacy screen protector is to shields the content of your screen from everyone except you. This means,  during the use of your phone or tablet places does not matter at all and you can go  everywhere without having to worry about visual hackers With the help of privacy feature on your Smartphone you can enjoy anything on your phone including all the you tube videos  without attracting people’s attention.  There are more, once you installed the tempered glass screen protector with privacy feature you are able to view all the pictures, video chat with your friends, or go through important work documents on the metro or bus and your co-passenger won’t get a chance to peek at your screen.


What is the trick?

Let’s come to the point straight away – Privacy screen protectors have a special filter or the privacy filter that allows light to pass through from certain angles. One simple example can help you to understand the matter better – Just think of traditional window blinds and its screen privacy filters with traditional window blinds. Only difference is that the blinds (the privacy filter here) are preset to a narrow front angle, letting you see everything clearly, while people sitting beside you are unable to see the content of your screen. All they see is a darkened/blackened screen. In the case of tempered glass screen protector, the viewing angle is straight on from the front, but not from the sides. You are actually in control of your Smartphone’s content and you choose to share what you want and you don’t.

There are more elements than you think of

Beside promising increased privacy there are other factors and benefits that the tempered glass screen protector can offer.

It effectively Increases productivity— as your privacy is secured you you’ll be able to get more opportunity to complete your job done in a different locations irrespective of number of people present because you know bystanders won’t be able to see what you’re doing on your phone.

Higher protection and security— Due to the presence of privacy element in your tempered glass screen protector you’ll be able to shun some of the hassles associated with bank and data breaches by preventing onlookers from accessing private information on your device.

Complete peace of mind- This addition will surely make you feel better and safer because you know that your Smartphone is no longer a part of stranger’s unwanted glance.

Increased touch sensitivity—Tempered glass screen protectors are more touch sensitive which is far better than the privacy screen protectors that are made with plastic film.

All the other features

By now you get the idea that privacy feature of tempered glass screen protectors effectively “black out” strangers from side views outside viewing angle while providing you with an excellent viewing experience. But this is not all, as wholesale market of tempered glass screen protector along with manufacturers (especially from China) offers some additional features besides protecting your Smartphone.

Anti-Glare Coating

One of the best features if you are the one who spends most the time in outdoor and phone screen is exposed to the sun. Power of the sun sometime makes it impossible to see anything on your screen! An anti-glare coating can reduce light reflections thus, letting you see the content of your screen more clearly.


Reducing the Blue
You can get feature like blue light reduction along with privacy protection in your temper glass screen protector for Smartphone. Blue light transmitting from your Smartphone has been the cause of your sleep disruption and disruption of your circadian rhythm. This occurs because blue light inhibits the release of sleep hormones, causing us to become more awake. Scientifically, it is recommended that people should not be exposed to that much of blue light during their sleep so the exposure to blue light at night must be decreased.  Exactly at this point privacy screen protectors come into use as they have the property to reduce the amount of blue light emitted from your device, thus decreases the effects of the blue light.

Other Important Features

Besides the privacy filter, privacy screen protectors usually feature the same benefits as a regular screen protector as once can get from tempered glass screen protector. Tempered glass screen protector manufacturers all round the world and from China offers some core features apart from the privacy factor which can be found in their regular tempered glass screen protectors. Features such as – the privacy filter, blue light reduction and anti-glare coating are available along with privacy. Moreover, they are shock and scratch resistant, preserve 100% touch sensitivity and have an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprint and smudge-marks.

You must know and believe that whatever  your screen is displaying is just for you as important as the phone itself, and the protects both

Tempered Glass Screen protector with privacy feature adds more personalization to your Smartphone. Moreover, it gives you peace of mind as you surf through all the time even you are in the middle of the crowd. If you want to know more about privacy feature of tempered glass screen protector you can always ask MPG and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions also for privacy screen protectors wholesale order.

Please see more video of our quality for HD privacy tempered glass screen protector.

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