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All different type Screen Protector-EXPLAIN

18 05, 2019

How Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector Work ?

By | 2019-05-18T09:51:09+00:00 May 18th, 2019|Categories: All different type Screen Protector-EXPLAIN|

Introduction: Anyone using Smartphone loves to have the privacy intact. But there are times when you caught a stranger or someone who is not needed at that point of time looking at your phone over your shoulder.  Think of any public transport that is bit crowded and you are browsing your Smartphone screen and you can be rest assured more than one people is looking at your phone’s screen either straight or squinting their eyes to get a proper view.  People have an irritating tendency to glance over your phone despite the fact that the phone is yours and everything [...]

24 04, 2019

3D Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector – Explained

By | 2019-05-18T09:21:15+00:00 April 24th, 2019|Categories: All different type Screen Protector-EXPLAIN|

Every year users of Smartphones are increasing in many folds.  Interestingly, Smartphone companies are coming up with new models to increase their market share. All these phones are loaded with specs and features thus needs special protection special when it comes to glass screen of Smartphones. In this regard, screen protector market provides loads of solutions of different kinds from plastic to tempered glass screen protector. Over the years it has been proven that tempered glass screen protector provides far better protection to your Smartphone rather than any other options. Tempered glass screen protector too has come long way to [...]

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