World of Smartphone is all about better specs, performance and longevity. In order keep your phone safe and secure so that it can extend its lifeline one addition is a must for it. Yes, we are talking about tempered glass Screen Protector Maker. In the market, there will be numerous brands of tempered glass screen protectors who are offering various promises and specs to woo customers all over the globe. But what is right for your phone? Just remember, each phone has specific demands and not every screen protector is apt for every Smartphone screen. One wrong decision can lead to loss of money and of course increasing the chances of damage of your Smartphone. Does anybody out in this world want to take that risk? Unless you really care less for your Smartphone or you have millions of dollars to spend on your phone each time you go for shopping, you need precautions. Precautions come in the form of tempered glass screen protector.

In this time what will customer do? How they will decide what to buy or what not? Well, there are ways to resolve your confusions and we MPG, as an emerging leader in the tempered glass screen protector segment will lay some guideline for you.

We are sure this will help you to pick the one you are looking for.


1. Anti-scratch Property & Durability

First and foremost feature of any good tempered glass screen protector is its anti-scratch property and durability. Whenever you look for any good tempered glass screen protector just remember the fact that the product can withstand blades, scissors, keys and other hard, sharp objects above the ground scraping. You will always find it difficult to draw on a good tempered glass membrane. To achieve this manufactures are mainly take care of the base material i.e. glass, In this case material of mobile phone glass membrane is mainly aluminosilicate glass which provides the product high quality and durability. This Aluminosilicate glass also has different manufacturers, for example -Khang Ninh Gorilla Glass, which means you have to ask your manufacturers what is the quality of the glass and who the glass manufacture is as this is the main material.

Most of the tempered glass screen protector factories in China are using Japanese Asahi Pin and Chinese high-alumina glass for their production. This is due to the reason of triple digit price of Khang Ninh Gorilla glass compared to normal glass available. But the end result is always good despite the price difference of different glass. It’s the maker’s passion and honesty to create better product give us the quality we look for in the market.

  1. Relish the Smooth touch feeling and movement of your fingers:

    This is another aspect one must consider while considering good tempered glass. Every time your fingers strokes or touches or slides on the surface of the tempered glass protector it gives you a delicate smooth feeling. You will feel lot better and more than the feeling you get while touching the original cell phone screen.

On the other hand, cheap quality scratch guards are made of almost rough glass film, not smooth enough and it gives you kind of sticky feeling when you slide your fingers over it.

  1. Perfect Size that fits your screen
    Perfect craftsmanship always gives you best result and same is applicable for good tempered glass film. A meticulous cut by an expert means your tempered glass screen protector gives perfect and full coverage. You just have to hold your phone and judge the size particularly some of the photosensitive holes where there are more reflection and when applied there will be no sign of bubble. 3D Curved Full Cover Tempered Glass screen protector can give your phone that coverage.

On the other hand, there are wholesale bulk tempered glass screen protectors which are badly made and they can come up with asymmetrical shapes where gaps, holes are too large as they are not made with the help of highly technical people and machine.

Anti-fingerprint and oil

Fingerprint issue is really irritating sometime as it lows the visibility of the screen as the clarity become less due to constant marks of prints. Moreover, there are issues like spilling of water and dripping oil which make this worse.

But in a good quality tempered glass screen protector these things don’t happen. So the typing and touching the phone surface are much easier and hassle-free.


To get a phone surface with tempered glass screen protector that is anti-fingerprint and anti-oil the role of oleophobic coating plays the important part. For your information – oleophobic coating is an oil repellent coating used in Smartphone and screen protectors. It can make materials fingerprint resistant because they repel the oils that are produced by the skin. These days, oleophobic coatings are one of the most important features of a good tempered glass screen protector. Manufacturers across the world are extensively using oleophobic coating to make smudge resistant touch screens for smart phones and tablets.

In general, you will find it difficult to trace oleophobic coating in low-end tempered glass screen protector and even if you find it they are not at all good as the technology used to apply oleophobic coating is faulty. Good quality high-end glass is often differentiated by the use of the oleophobic coating. In China, wholesale market of tempered glass screen protector is flooded with varied qualities and you need to search and research really hard to find the right suppliers or manufacturers If you have any confusion regarding this you can contact us i.e. MPG for any factual information.

Technological Difference
In China, there are two processes that are being followed –
a) machine spraying and b) ordinary artificial spraying. It’s proven that machine spraying is always gives far better result than ordinary artificial spraying.

But you will hardly know the truth from the makers because not every factory and product will explain what process they use.

Some businessmen in China try to convince their clients with the logic that one layer of thin oil layer will be added on the surface of toughened tempered glass screen protector. But this only means that the residue of fingerprints can be reduced and wipe up more easily, but it cannot completely eliminate fingerprints.

  1. Shatter-proof for better protection
    Generally, if your phone drops on the floor accidentally and hits it hard the good quality tempered glass screen protector prevent it from shattering. So, your phone falls from a certain height you won’t get hurt by broken glass pieces.

Shatterproof glass membrane fragments won’t fly out thus preventing secondary damage. It’s like a car windshield but only difference is here that the glue matters. Not all Bulk tempered glass screen protector suppliers and manufactures in China are providing this feature but some high-end membranes manufacturers do pay special attention to this.

Here is a small test that we can recommend you to ensure the cell phone’s membrane is good or not. We call it Drop test – Let a drop of water fall on the surface of the flat cell phone membrane, if the water drops are spread with the angle less than 110, then the steel technology of this mobile phone membrane is not very good.

We always advise our consumers to try this ‘Drop Test’ before buying a phone. Remember to pick the one where the shape of the drop remains relatively rounded.

  1. Top Quality Display is a must:
    One important element of any good Smartphone is its display. Similarly, a very good quality tempered glass screen protector retain the clarity of the display same as the original screen.
    The display depends on the transparency and in case of transparency the thumb rule is – The higher the number is the better is the transparency. So, if any label says the transmittance is 9 xs% then we has no way to know the truth. Remember, the standard transmittance data should be: ≥90.0%.

Let’s explain bit more – Many cell phone screen protector packaging will mark the “transmittance of 99%”, this statement is not based on science, and can deceive consumers and their buying behavior.

Another factor can influence the display is iridescence. Iridescence affects the transparency of the tempered glass screen protector and the visual effect of the screen. Caused by weathering on the surface, the iridescence, and the interplay of lustrous, changing colors, is due to the refraction of light by thin layers of weathered glass.

So, in the time of buying screen protector for your phone just remember this is another factor that plays vital role behind the quality of the product.

  1. Tough factor – 9H Hardness:The factor that holds huge importance while considering tempered glass screen protector is its hardness. In case of tempered glass the hardness can be explain with reference to the lead pencil where screen’s resistance towards scratches made by a 9H pencil, which is a really tough and hard carbon quality of that pencil. Toughness give the screen protector require strength to fight all odds.

As per the technicalities concern, one should always go for 0.33mm 2.5D Double Strength Tempered Glass.


Smartphone is an essential part of our lives and we cannot deny the importance of it. These days, every Smartphone company is coming out with new models with different specs and screen sizes and you need to be aware of the fact that each of them needs different tempered glass screen protector. In this article, we have tried to guide you with some basic parameters that you should always keep in mind while purchasing tempered glass screen protector. You can always trust MPG TEMPERED GLASS as we are offering all the said quality at a really affordable rate. If you have any question please let us know.


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