How to detect if your mobile phone has Oleophobic coating in a few seconds?

//How to detect if your mobile phone has Oleophobic coating in a few seconds?

How to detect if your mobile phone has Oleophobic coating in a few seconds?

How to detect if your mobile phone has Oleophobic coating in a few seconds?

Oleophobic Coating:

There is no doubt that Oleophobic coating holds immense importance in protecting the original glass screen of your smartphone. So, most of the tempered glass screen protector makers add Oleophobic Coating to their products. But there are cases where this particular thing is not present which means you need to know if it is present on your phone screen protector or not.

In this article, we are going to show you the ways to detect the presence of Oleophobic Coating’ in your phone’s screen protector.

Also known as ‘Hydrophobic’ this Oleophobic layer is in the mid of the discussion of smartphone users. Often people ask and show their confusion about the usability of ‘Oleophobic Screen Protector

In general, people don’t notice it when they touch the screen protector. As we all know the hydrophobic and oleophobic layer, is a film on the screen that act as a protective layer that can repel water and grease, as well as the antifouling coating we hear every day. It is also known as  AF (Anti Fingerprint) anti-fingerprint coating.

Feel Matters

Senses do play a vital role in inspecting the existence of ‘Oleophobic Coating” on the tempered glass screen protector. Once your touch senses get the smooth feel of the mobile phone screen protector that comes from the hydrophobic and oleophobic layer you will know you are getting the right one .

Important Technical Note

Anti-Frictional or AF material is a fluorine-based coating with extremely low surface tension, generally called perfluoropolyether, and its main function is to adhere to the screen. Once applied on the surface of the screen, Oleophobic Coating can increase the performance of water repellency, oil discharge, and antifouling of the screen. Moreover, it is widely used in the protective glass of mobile phones, tablets, monitors, and SLRs.

One similar example can be – water droplets when fall on lotus leaves, they never stick to the leaves but rather glide smoothly from the surface.

Material Differences

AF materials are mainly divided into two forms:
a) Liquid medicine – suitable for spraying
b) Target pellets (like small tablets or pills) – suitable for vacuum evaporation.

Coating method:

The cost of the coating process is extremely low. After the glass is coated and then cured at high temperatures, the AF coating is retained on the screen surface. In addition to anti-fouling, the AF coating, also has the characteristics of wear resistance and high light transmittance.

The cost of spraying a single chip is not higher than 6 cents.
The vacuum evaporation

The cost of a single piece is also very less , and the AF coating with a slightly higher concentration is not a problem to keep for 1 or 2 years.

Detecting Methods

  1. Drop water onto the screen of the mobile phone. If the angle of contact with the water drop is obtuse, then it is coated with Oleophobic coating.
  2. If the angle of contact with water droplets is an acute angle and the angle is small, then the surface of the glass is not covered with hydrophobic and oleophobic layers.

The surface of the glass with a hydrophobic and oleophobic layer does not stick to water, and water droplets can slide on the screen by gravity. Another way of getting assurance.
D) You can also use a small sprayer and spray it on the screen. If many small droplets of water are formed on the glass surface, the glass surface is covered with Oleophobic layer.
E) Look for an oleophobic coating on the product packaging or description: Many screen protectors will list the presence of an oleophobic coating on the packaging or in the product description. If you see the term “oleophobic” listed, it’s likely that your screen protector has this type of coating.

  1. Check for online reviews: Another option is to search online for reviews of your specific screen protector to see if other users have mentioned the presence or absence of an oleophobic coating.

Things to Remember

The oleophobic layer will wear out with the passage of time, and the hydrophobic and oleophobic effect will gradually weaken. This is also the reason why the old mobile phone screen glass attracts more dirt.

End Note:

It’s worth mentioning that the presence or absence of an oleophobic coating does not necessarily affect the overall performance or quality of a tempered glass screen protector. However, an oleophobic coating can help in a great way to reduce fingerprint smudges and make it easier to clean the screen, so it can be a useful feature to have. If you are looking for a good tempered glass screen protector that has ‘Oleophobic Coating’ then you must do your research online before coming to any conclusion. We are also offering high-quality tempered glass screen protectors with top-quality Oleophobic Coating.

We are hoping this article will help you to understand everything about ‘Oleophobic Coating.


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