Tempered Glass Screen protector may save you from Covid and other infections

//Tempered Glass Screen protector may save you from Covid and other infections

Tempered Glass Screen protector may save you from Covid and other infections

Are you stunned by the headline? Do you think this is one kind of click-bait thing? How can a tempered glass screen protection can save you from COVID pandemic?  You  have two choices
a) You stop here and go on browsing other articles on internet
b) You can read this article till the end and get to the bottom of the fact.

2020 was a year of sadness and living isolated from everyone.  Covid has hit hard and we are still coping with the situation. But we will surely overcome all the obstacles very soon, if we take care of ourselves and protect from present and future Covid related problems.

Let’s take a look at the factors that can prevent Covid from spreading

1) you need to wear a mask-
Well that’s the basic and most important part of your activity that will protect you from Corona virus Covid-19. By using mask you can go outside and use your smartphone at any point of time. Remember, taking precautions is the best way to prevent Corona virus covid from spreading.

2) Installing and Changing Tempered Glass screen protector
This is extremely important, please take note- You cannot  suddenly stop using your smartphone as this device helps us a lot in maintaining our daily routine.  One of the best ways to use the phone without worrying too much about Corona virus is that frequently changing tempered glass screen protector.

The reasons of frequent changing are

a) It is cost effective than replacing your original Glass screen – First of all whenever you are touching the screen of your smartphone which is out in the open and possibly exposed to Corona virus then you need to take every precaution which will save you from getting affected  by the virus.  Wiping the screen  many times with liquid disinfect  is of course one way but that may  hamper your Glass screen smoothness which is why you need to install a good quality tempered glass screen protector.  This is something we need to take care and follow without any hesitation. Tempered glass screen protector adds an extra layer to your smartphone which means it will protect the device from getting affected as well as users.

Let us explain it a bit more detailed manner so that you can understand fully how it can be done and implement in a good way.

a) Tempered glass screen protector is easily removable – That means you can replace and install tempered glass screen protector as many times as you want. Moreover cost of replacing tempered glass screen protector is not really high rather it is really cheap if you compare the price of replacing or changing an original glass screen of your smartphone.

That means after a certain number of use you can replace your tempered glass screen protector like the mask you are using to cover your face and nose. This will ensure you are able to stay away from the viruses as much as possible

b) Tempered glass Screen protector can be cleaned easily – This means you can disinfect your tempered glass screen protector as many times you can and your original glass screen will remain safe. This also means that virus won’t get the chance to remain on your Smartphone any longer. All you need is to use a soft cloth. Don’t forget to make this soft cloth medicated or lightly soaked in medicated liquid or anything prescribed by World health organization for safety and wipe your tempered glass screen protector. This means you can control the spread of virus in an easy way.

c) Change your screen protector: If you think your smartphone is exposed to the outer world way longer than you have expected then you can always think of changing your tempered glass screen protector.  Despite cleaning your smartphone screen guard many a times you may not feel fully disinfected or protected. So, changing your smartphone’s tempered glass screen protector is the best option. As discussed in point ‘a’ installation and removal of tempered glass is really easy that means you can buy it anytime and change it. It won’t cost too much and your health holds much more importance than cheap price of a tempered glass screen protector.

d) Tempered glass screen protector prevents dust and oil– You must be wondering what this particular property of tempered glass screen protector can help you in preventing Covid. The answer is simple- If your screen is clear and clean then chances are high that germ and virus also stay away. Credit of this property goes to Oleophobic coating on tempered glass screen protector. This thin coat does not allow dust or oils from fingers to settle on the screen easily. Even if they settle you can wipe them with a soft piece of cloth.

3. Follow Health Guidelines: Covid is a serious health problem which is now playing the role of ‘Pandemic’. Always follow the rules set by your respective government and World Health Organization so that you can remain safe and secure along with your family and friends.

4. Get the Vaccine whenever you get the time: This is also immensely important. If in your country vaccination has started then try to take it as early as possible to remain safe.

Conclusion: Since last year we are fighting covid, a little bit of extra precaution will help to prevent the spread. Moreover, if you make yourself and your surroundings (including your neighbours) aware of the some important facts about COVID you will also help them. Tempered Glass Screen Protector is just another way to keep yourself safe as well as your smartphone.  We are hoping that this article will throw some light on the subject of Covid prevention with the help of tempered glass screen protector. In any case, if you think you have any question regarding tempered glass screen protector and its usability you can always ask us to clarify. Once we get your questions we will surely get back to you as early as possible, till then enjoy a happy and safe life.


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