How to Extend the life of Your Smartphone – 6 Useful Tips

//How to Extend the life of Your Smartphone – 6 Useful Tips

How to Extend the life of Your Smartphone – 6 Useful Tips

We all know Smartphone is life for most of us in this world. There are many ways you need to protect your phone from damages. There are many ways including the use of tempered glass screen protector. We will discuss every point so that you can have a clear idea and use it to protect your phone and extend its life.


  1. 1. Safeguarding the phone’s screen

    On the surface level, this is the most basic yet most important part.  Screen of your smartphone holds immense importance because through this you perform all your communication work.
    Protecting the screen surface of your smartphone holds immense importance as you cannot avoid accidents. During any point of the day or night your smartphone can slip out of your grip and hit hard on the floor eventually damaging the screen. Replacing the original screen of a smartphone is always expensive. So, it is better to opt for a safer and cheaper option in the form of tempered glass screen protector.

Tempered glass screen protectors are impact resistant and the feel of the display is identical to a phone without one. Even if this tempered glass screen protector breaks you won’t get hit by glass brittles moreover you can replace it very easily thus extending the life of your smartphone

One important point you must remember is that tempered glass screen protector is not unbreakable. But it will certainly protect your original glass screen.

  1. Using a Protective Case for Overall External Protection

Glass screen of smartphone is of course an essential part of it but the other segments also are important specially the back of Smartphones. It is always advisable and recommended that one must use a protective case for Smartphone. Remember some Smartphone models these days do have glass back covers which need extra caution and care.

Phone cases come in all colours, so they can dramatically alter the appearance of phones. They can also be made out of all kinds of materials, such as hard or soft plastic, metal, wood or leather. Moreover there are two to three cameras (sometime there are 4 to 5) in today’s smartphone which means those also need some kind of safeguard.  Use of phone case will help to protect the entire phone hardware from shocks and impacts. Phone cases are now available everywhere and can come in different colors and materials.



  1. Extending battery life


Battery of any Smartphone plays an important part. Proper care of battery not only helps smartphones to perform better but also extends the life of Smartphone. These days most of the Smartphones are using lithium-ion batteries which offer longer life as well as greater energy for Smartphoen’s performance.

Thumb rule is that one must not charge your Smartphone fully 100% nor allows his or her smartphone’s battery to go fully empty.

Also never charge your smartphone with different chargers apart from the charger provided by the phone’s brand.

Also, at the time of battery replacements do not use cheap battery nor unbranded battery as it may impact really badly.

  1. Secure your Smartphone from Malware
    Your Smartphone is a storehouse of a huge amount of personal and professional data. Data inside your phone can be in different shapes, sizes and types such as photos, videos, word files etc. So, keeping it safe from attacks and hacks from outside world you need to very cautious.

    With advancement of technology people  can access your data even from cloud that means remotely. To protect it you need to have a passcode which can be anything from a security pattern or combination of numbers.
    Take proper precautions while downloading apps because not all apps are safe as they can access your phone’s data.  But if you download any app don’t forget to update as all updates are aimed at fixing bugs and security issues. This means your phone will operate without any problem.


  1. Take precautions against different weather conditions.


This is the simple explanation for why phone batteries drain faster in cold than warm weather.

There is nothing in this world as ideal condition. Your smartphone must be guarded against all types of weather conditions. In cold condition battery of smartphone slows down due to some chemical reaction. Part of the energy the battery produces is expended on warming the battery instead of transforming into electricity.

Always take a portable charger to the battery optimally charged during a longer trip in the cold outdoors. Please not that you should never charge a cold phone and try to keep in your pocket so that it remains warm.


In summer, you must keep your smartphone in a cool condition and avoid overheating. Too much of a heat can cause battery to lose its longevity along with other parts.

  1. Never Ever Let Your Smartphone Wet

Water resistant does not mean you can dip your smartphone deep into a river or ocean. Please not salty or sweet water or liquid can cause harm to your Smartphone and damage your phone permanently.  Keep your phone dry as much as possible. Always check charging ports and sim card if your phone gets wet accidentally.  In case of Android phones you need to take difference parts out and let them dry. Unfortunately you cannot do it on IPhone as you cannot open your iphone’s battery and other parts like android smartphones.

One thing you must remember while drying your wet smartphone, never use a hairdryer or other heater to dry the phone, as they may cause damage to the phone’s internal components.

These are the 6 points you need to take care very well.  There are of course many more points you should take note of but all you need to do is to follow them all.


Life of a Smartphone depends on its user. Proper care always helps to extend the lifespan. More we take good care of the smartphone more it will have the chance to extend its lifespan.

Take good care of your Smartphone from now on.


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