How to remove bubbles from the tempered glass screen?

//How to remove bubbles from the tempered glass screen?

How to remove bubbles from the tempered glass screen?

How to remove bubbles from the tempered glass screen?


Remove bubbles from the tempered glass

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Basic Information

Almost all Smartphone users who installed tempered glass screen protectors have faced this unique situation where bubbles have popped up either in the middle of the screen or in the corner.  We all want to get rid of these bubbles and how we are going to achieve it successfully?

In this article, we are going to discuss different types of processes with the help of which we can get rid of bubbles from the tempered glass screen.

We would like tou to read all the processes and solutions and use the one that suits you the most.


You must be thinking wabout hat card can do to remove the bubble. Take any hard plastic card such as a debit or credit card of any bank ( old or new) to remove the bubbles. For example, if there are a few air bubbles on the edges of the phone’s tempered glass screen, then use a card mentioned earlier to open the corners close to the air bubbles, and air bubbles will disappear after coming in full contact with the air. Now is the time to use the bank card to press the unopened tempered glass screen slowly forward so that the opened part attaches otothe screen of the mobile phone and bbondstogether. Finally, use a bank card to gently scrape the screen of the mobile phone to make it look neat and performance will get enhanced.

Follow these steps to remove the bubbles using a credit or debit card

a )Start by trying to push the bubbles toward the edges of the screen using a flat tool like a credit card or a plastic spatula. Be gentle, as applying too much pressure could cause the glass screen to lift or peel off.

  1. b) If the bubbles are still not going away, you may need to remove the glass screen and try reapplying it. Before you do this, make sure to clean the screen thoroughly with a microfiber cloth and some isopropyl alcohol to remove any dirt or debris that may be causing the bubbles.
  2. c) When you reapply the glass screen, make sure to align it properly and apply even pressure to the center and edges of the glass screen. It can also help to use a smoothing tool to push out any remaining bubbles.

If the bubbles are still not going away after trying these steps, you may need to seek the assistance of a professional. A smartphone repair shop should be able to help you remove the glass screen and apply a new one without any issues.



Another unusual thing that can solve the bubble problem. We all know the fact that bubbles in the tempered glass screen of mobile phones affect vision, as well as reduce the performance of the phone when it comes to touch-sensitive responses. To resolve the issue of bubbles you can consider using a hair dryer to remove them.
Follow the below-mentioned steps:
a) Turn on the power of the hairdryer,
b) Switch the hot air shield on and blow on the screen of the mobile phone
c) Turn off the hair dryer immediately after the screen softens.
d) Press the air bubbles in the tempered glass screen with your fingers, till air bubbles will disappear
Important Note: Be very careful while using a hair dryer,a nd do control the action time to prevent hot air from damaging the screen.



This is another way of removing bubbles from the tempered glass screen.
a) Face the bubbles that recur on the edge of the phone.
b) After pressing, the bubbles disappeared, but after some time, the bubbles always reappeared in the original place.
c)Take a little lubricating liquid to eliminate the recurring bubbles.
d) Dip a little bit of lubricating liquid with a toothpick
e) Lift the corner close to the air bubbles, so that the lubricant on the toothpick and the air bubbles are in direct contact.
f) Once lubricating fluid comes into contact with the air bubbles, the stubborn air bubbles will also disappear.
Remember not everyone can perform this process as it is a bit cumbersome to operate. There are chances that during the removal of bubbles, you also need toit is need to prevent the generation of new bubbles.




To counter the problem of air bubbles in the tempered glass screen and eliminate them cse of a ‘Clip’ is the simplest and most brutal method to clamp the air bubbles. Once you start using this method then you won’t have any worries regarding bubbles formation under the tempered glass screen of your smartphone.



Remember all the points mentioned above and the Steps to follow

All these different ways are effective but it depends on the fact how gwellyou are handling the process. In case you are not able to do it by yourself it is always advisable to take it to any expert preferably a mobile phone shop owner or pa rofessional phone repair shop.

We are hoping you will be benefited from all the suggestions and won’t face any difficulties while removing bubbles.

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