How effective earpiece anti-dust screen protector of Iphone are and How to Clean them?

//How effective earpiece anti-dust screen protector of Iphone are and How to Clean them?

How effective earpiece anti-dust screen protector of Iphone are and How to Clean them?

How effective are earpiece anti-dust screen protectors of iPhones and How to Clean them?


earpiece anti-dust screen protector of iPhone

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Basic Information

Lovers of Smartphones always pick their accessories as per their choice and one of them is an earpiece anti-dust screen protector. As the name suggests ‘Dust-proof’ earpiece claim that they don’t allow dust to settle thus giving the users a hassle-free listening experience. In the case of iPhones, they always offer the best quality product and the same can be true for their headphones.

In this article, we will try to find out if this is a possibility or not.


One thing you need to know if you want to test the dust-proof ability of your iPhone earpiece is to check for the standard ratings mention below-

IP Rating For Solid Objects and Dust

This is a standard for checking the quality of dust resistance of your headphone. It is graded on a scale of 0 to 6, where 0 indicates no protection from dust or solid objects and 6 indicates total dust and dirt protection. IP0X denotes no protection; IP01 denotes protection from objects larger than 50 mm; IP2X denotes protection from objects larger than 12.5 mm. IP3X denotes protection from things larger than 2.5 mm, and IP4X denotes protection from anything larger than 1 mm. IP5X indicates that dust can enter but your earpiece is safe.

Protection of Screen is Easy – We have options

To use earpiece anti-dust screen protectors, especially from Apple, you need to buy the ones that fit over the ear or on the headband protect leather then you must also look at the factor if you have higher than normal acidity in your skin. This particular problem could cause premature flaking or crumbling in and the result will often affect the high-quality leather. It also affects the amount of dust that can settle over your headphone.


In some other cases where some points are obvious such as protecting your headphones from being crushed or broken when not in use or at least making a valiant effort to prevent it, anyway. This will ensure the dust-proof property of the earphone works perfectly. Moreover, by securing the headphone you will also allow or provide an extra layer of security in some situations where all the features of headphones are secured and you will also avoid all types of dust. Remember to clean your headphone a regular interval so that it functions well and continue to resist dust from getting settled over your earpiece. By using a generic headphone case, you will ensure that your headphone doesn’t attract any dust.

The products from Apple that are offering dust-proof facilities have surely some truth in them but we also need to ensure how much they affect our listening capabilities.

So some questions remain – Is the iPhone earpiece dustproof screen protector useful?  How to replace it? Can it be replaced separately?

The answer in simple words is – Yes, the dust-proof screen protector of the iPhone earpiece is useful, it can effectively prevent the earpiece of the mobile phone from accumulating dust, otherwise, it will be very difficult to clean up the dust. The tempered glass screen protector of the mobile phone generally has a dust-proof net at the position of the microphone to prevent dirt from entering. Also, check the IP rating of the iPhone’s earpiece or headphones as mentioned at the start of this article.

Is the iPhone earpiece dustproof screen protector or stickers useful?
Before answering the question let us explain to you the roles of Dust-proof screen protectors or stickers –

Dust-proof stickers and screen protectors can effectively prevent dust from entering the earphone hole without affecting the sound quality and transmission. They are dust-proof and easy to use.

Let’s talk about the benefits-

  1. It can resist Dust Accumulation.

Long-term use of the mobile phone causes a large amount of dust to enter the volume hole, which is difficult to clean and affects the normal use of the mobile phone.

  1. Soft And Thin.Using high-density fiber material
  2. Does Not Affect Sound Quality.
  3. Does not affect the call and volume.
  4. Dust-proof And Splash-proof.

How to clean the dust-proof net of the earpiece of the Apple mobile phone if it is dirty

First, brush the handset and speaker with a soft brush. When cleaning, try to let the dust fall, that is to say, put the earpiece and the speaker directly on the ground, and then let the dust from the brush fall due to gravity. Then blow it with a hair dryer.

Use a dustproof sticker or screen protector to avoid dust and change it after a few months interval.

We are hoping by now you have a clear idea, about the dust-proof nature of Apple’s earpieces and how to know if that is fully dust-proof or not.

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