A new smartphone always gives you happiness and excitement. The owner of a new smartphone is always happy due to its clean and scratch-free screen but a sudden fall on the footpath or crack at any of the corners can be really irritating and heartbreaking. This is the starting point that explains the need for a good screen protector.

Is your phone really need Screen protector?
In short, the answer is yes. The moment you unbox your new smartphone you are opening, you are also opening the possibilities of screen damage despite the fact that most of the smartphones now have Corning Gorilla glass which is labelled as high scratch-resistant but this one also can crack due to a bad fall or hit.

There are other ways that your new smartphone gets damaged, the screen gets scratched, or gets a permanent mark on your new phone’s screen. There are other ways too that can wreak havoc on your screen and your happiness of owning a new smartphone.

All this means you need a good screen protector.

Types of Screen protectors that you can choose 
There are different types of screen protectors available in the market and each one has its own pros and cons.

Tempered glass: Undoubtedly, best of all the different types of screen guards that are available in the market right now. Tempered glass offers best protection against dust and scratches. Tempered glass screen protectors are easy to clean and offer edge-to-edge protection. Moreover, it also offers oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprints and smoothness. Only thing that may go against this type of screen protector is its price. Some of the tempered glass protectors are heavily priced and surely pricier than other types of screen guards.

TPU plastic:  This version of the screen guard is not as good as tempered glass. Made of plastic these screen protectors are way more affordable than tempered glass but the level of protection is less. This version of screen guard although a bit cheaper but attracts way more scratches on its surface and life is short in comparison to the tempered glass screen protector.

Anti-glareThis Anti-glare screen protector is made of tempered glass but with added advantages. An extra special coating prevents UV rays and makes it easier to view in direct sunlight by reducing almost all types of glares. This type of screen protector is perfect for those who mostly work outdoor and use their smartphone often (outdoors).

Privacy screen: Don’t want to share your phone’s screen in public? Do you want to block people from looking at your screen when you are travelling? Privacy screen protector is a must for you. This type of protector ensures that no one can get a view of your phone from the side. All they can see is that you are swiping your finger on a black screen- amazing, isn’t it?

By now, you already have an idea how much benefit you can have by having a screen protector on your phone.
a) Protection from all kinds of wear & tear
b) Protection from sudden drops and falls
c) Provides privacy
d) Offers anti-glare protection
e)) Complete end-to-end screen protection ( by some screen protectors)
f) Anti-fingerprint and smudge free screen due to the presence of Oleophobic coating ( only on tempered glass screen protector)


End note

There are many reasons to install a good screen protector for your smartphone.

But it is always better to install a good quality tempered glass screen protector on your new smartphone to keep it safe from all unwanted scratches, falls, cracks, etc.

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