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  • 1
    Matte Frosted surface,anti-fingerprint, anti-oil and other contaminants
  • 2
    2.5D arc edge, comfortable touch feeling ,high touch sensitivity film
  • 3
    Surface hardness Up to 9H , anti-scratch, strong impact resistance
  • 4
    On back side of glass coated with a strong silicone layer to make installation easily
  • 5
    Anti-Glare,Anti-reflection ,Explosion-proof, shatter-resistant. Even if broken, it will not splash about.
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The 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector is made to cover and protect the LCD from damage and scratches with specially processed transparent glass that has been toughened for scratch resistance.The 0.33mm(2.5D) thickness make the 9H Tempered Glass compatible with all types of cases while still maintaining a surface hardness of 9H.When installed,there are no gaps between the LCD and the 9H Tempered Glass with means the touch screen’s sensitivity is unaffected.



Anti-Fingerprint technology privides users not only clean and clear screen environment but also sensitive touching experience to enjoy the quick responsiveness when playing games with a tempered glass screen protector.

Fingerprint Resistant

Anti-Smudge surface makes fingerprints and oil not easy to stay on the surface and easy to clean.


2.5D Rounded Edges Design

2.5D Rounded Edges design perfect decrease the damage of shock,and perfect attach onto your device with the best visual effect.

Strainght Flange Film

Without polished give you stinging sensation,easy damaged under collsions and increase the thickness of the screen.


Premium tempered glass screen protector

Matte material will cut down the fingerprint and oil on the mobile phone surface 20% UV Protection:Reduces Eye strain causde by the LCD screen.Considered aesthetic extent,the cutout lines is not been designed to cross the sensors on the top,avoid looking like cut sensor in half.And the semi-circle outline is precisely going along with sensor enhancing perfect cutting.


Left and right sides

  • 1
    The suitable width not only fit the display area,but also provides easy installation and avoid bubbles creation on the edge of tempered glass screen protector.
  • 2
    Well-Affixed screen protector will not make any gaps between the screen protector and the screen for dust and dirts storing,which improved product durability.

The Opening Cutout

The opening cutout is designed based on the home button closed to its below curved edge as full circle surround will make screen protector easy to peel-off after install.Our bottom cutout improves the stability of the whole glass,not easy for chipping and cracking.



  • 1
    High transparency. Ultra-clear tempered glass would bring you HD visual experience.
  • 2
    Japan quality AB glue. Very easy to apply, bubbles are excluded automatically.
  • 3
    Dust proof. Small dust can be completely covered.
  • 4
    Bubble free, washable and Reusable, re-applicable.
  • 5
    High-quality Raw material: Japan glass.
  • 6
    4 hours tempered time to reach 9H.
  • 7
    Anti scratch,no scratches with keys, knife, or other sharp objects.
  • 8
    Srtong Japanese oleophobic coating and hydrophobic treatment. Anti-fingerprint.
  • 9
    Shatterproof Screen protector could protect the screen from damage.
  • 10
    2.5D edge would not hurt your fingers.

Easy Installation

Anti-Smudge surface makes fingerprints and oil not easy to stay on the surface and easy to clean.

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