What is Airbag Tempered Glass Screen Protector, another new one for Smartphone protection?

//What is Airbag Tempered Glass Screen Protector, another new one for Smartphone protection?

What is Airbag Tempered Glass Screen Protector, another new one for Smartphone protection?

What is Airbag Tempered Glass Screen Protector, another new one for Smartphone protection?



Airbag Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Smartphone protection

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Basic Information

You must be wondering after reading the headline why suddenly this article is talking about Airbag Tempered Glass Screen Protector. There are people around the world who are showing keen interest in different types of screen protectors for their smartphones. This time people are talking about a new product on the block – an Airbag Tempered Glass Screen Protector.


What is so special about it? Why suddenly things are getting interesting?  Let’s dive in to understand what exactly it is and how beneficial it is for Smartphone users as they look to protect the screen of their smartphones.


More Security or Fashion Statement?

Don’t you think this is a valid question that new or old smartphone users should ask? Time to explain a bit more clearly so that we all can understand the product. Firstly, this is all about securing the screen of your smartphone in a much better way as well as protecting the screen protector itself. So, it is all about adding more layers of protection. In this way, your tempered glass screen protector can withstand extreme stress and not going to break.

What is an Airbag Screen protector?

Simply speaking, the mobile phone airbag Tempered Glass Screen Protector in a tempered glass screen protector is a layer of rubber ring on the outer circle of the tempered screen protection film, just to ensure that the mobile phone film will not crack if the frame is subjected to an external force. On the other hand, ordinary tempered film does not have this particular layer of an outer rubber ring that has the power to protect the tempered film. It means, if anyone wants to upgrade and secure their original screen as well as extend the life of the screen protector then an Airbag tempered glass screen protector is the choice.


Let’s go through this explanation all over again – An airbag border tempered screen protector is a better version of a tempered glass screen protector that is designed in such a way that aimed it can protect the screen of any electronic device with a glass screen, such as a smartphone, tablet, etc. It is made of tempered glass, which is a type of glass that has been treated with heat and chemicals to make it stronger and more resistant to damage. This is an overall idea of a car airbag and how it handles the impact during any crash and protects its passengers.

In the same way, the airbag border refers to the design of the screen protector, which has an extra protector of protection around the edges of the screen that is designed to absorb shock and prevent the screen from shattering or cracking when the device is dropped or subjected to impact. These screen protectors are often used to protect devices that are prone to be dropped or subjected to rough handling, such as smartphones and tablets. If you think this protection suits you then you should opt for this type of screen protector.

Benefits Explained

a) Better and stronger protection as it makes the tempered glass screen protector way more durable
b) Chances of chipping will be less – It will rarely happen
c) Edges won’t be wrapped at all
d) Four edges will be raised in comparison to thin-edge ordinary tempered film
e) Can endure the impact of the collision
f) Edges will be way smoother and fit nicely
g) Handling of the phone will be much easier irrespective of the fact how you hold/ grab your phone while you play games as it will not get stuck


Fall Factors

One of the best features of an Airbag tempered glass screen protector is that it is a tempered film with a black frame. This particular black frame is made of silicone which has higher power and resistance than the tempered film itself, which is – the function of anti-fall.

You need to remember that the tempered film is an ordinary glass tempered film.

Let’s look at some more features that will ensure the goodness of this particular product –
Airbag anti-fall Tempered Glass Screen Protector:

  1. A) Due to the presence of AirBag I.e the rubber ring, broken edges now become the story of the past: Because the entire tempered glass film is covered by edge airbags, which can effectively disperse the impact force. Bottomline is that it will always keep away from the trouble of broken edges.
  2. B) Clearer View Ensured: In every aspect, this AirBag tempered glass screen protector allows optical grade light transmittance, ultra-low reflection, high-definition and high transparency which means a wonderful clear screen.
  3. C) Anti-fingerprint: Surface polymer anti-fingerprint treatment and fingerprint suppression is greatly improved compared with ordinary protective film.
  4. D) More scratch-resistant: 9H hardness, more scratch-resistant.
  5. E) Smooth touch: Eliminate the jerky touch of ordinary films, making the hand feel smoother and the touch more fluent.

Technology clubbed with innovation helped this screen protector industry a lot which is why this Airbag tempered glass screen protector comes into play and helps smartphone users.


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