How to turn Bad Chinese tempered glass screen protector Suppliers to a Good one?

//How to turn Bad Chinese tempered glass screen protector Suppliers to a Good one?

How to turn Bad Chinese tempered glass screen protector Suppliers to a Good one?

You know that the market of Smartphone is growing day-by-day. You know that there are hundreds and thousands of Smartphone models and millions of users using them. You also have a business of selling tempered glass screen protectors and  varying demand from your customers are growing on each passing day and you have tied up with a Chinese tempered glass screen protector supplier/ manufacturer.

But that particular supplier is giving a hard time. He is not delivering the order as per your specifications, compromising with the quality and constantly asking for higher price. All these are affecting your business and your relationship with your supplier. The question is does that supplier is really bad? Did you make a wrong decision of picking him over other suppliers or manufacturer? What prompted him to destroy a booming business by constantly creating troubles and unnecessary demands? Constant demand from your supplier from China to increase the price of the tempered glass screen protectors that they are manufacturing is really frustrating sometime.

How can one change the said situations? How can you turn your tempered glass screen protector supplier from bad to a good one?

There are ways to overcome these situations and you can establish a real good relationship with your Chinese supplier.

Know the inside story:
In China, people love their families, they value their relationships, and they know how to honour people. Family value system has been an integral part of Chinese society. We are saying all these things here because, beside professional relationship, people in China value personal relationship too. In fact, they would love to prefer personal relationship sometime over professional one. So, you need to be more flexible in your approach to create a strong bond between you and your Chinese supplier.

Too much professionalism is not always welcome
Yes, we know you are doing business and in business professionalism is a must for everyone. Professionalism teaches you to remain committed to your promises and prompt you to deliver your work well within the stipulated time. But if you consider the social fabric of China, too much of professionalism is not always good for business. There is a need to create balance between your professional demands and building a cordial family-like relationship with your Chinese tempered glass screen protector supplier. It is always better to create friends than enemies. Beside your business needs you can always talk about some personal matters and it can vary from health, to career to their business, the city they live in, what they prefer in their leisure time and so on. Don’t force these things in your conversation so that person sitting in the other part of the world does not feel awkward.
We know you are entitled to have your reservations against Chinese supplier who is miles away from your country. We are just requesting you to lower your guard a little bit and try being friendly with him.  You can start with below mentioned questions –
a) How is your business this year?
b) Are you planning to bring new range of products?
c) Are you planning to take part in any trade show?
d) How long have you been here, how do you find this job? You are doing an excellent job, where you learned to manage this type of operations?
e) How is the owner? Is he (or she) planning to expand his business? Any plan to come over to our country? Do I have the privilege to take you for the dinner once you are here in my country?

More questions like the above will create an environment of friendship which is always welcoming. All these questions are laying platform for a long-lasting relationship with your suppliers which is both professional and personal.  Moreover, more questions you ask more are the chances of gathering information about your business partner.

Yes, you read it right, we said ‘business partner’.  Because, we believe, instead of terming them only as a supplier or manufacturer, you can always elevate their position as your ‘partner’. By doing so, you are actually showing respect and trust in their abilities and values.

Stories from your side:
Business or personal, every relationship thrives on mutual sharing of facts and trusts.  Besides knowing their stories, you should also share your part too. You can tell your suppliers about the market demands in your area, how customers are looking for specific product.  Unless you show your passion about the business you are doing you are not going to get the desired reactions from opposite side. You can also tell them about how thrilled and lucky you are to have your supplier as partner. All these will add up to build a strong foundation between you and your suppliers.

Always Avoid the Blame Game. Start Praising:
In most cases, sales representatives are fresh from college or high schools and their English is not as good as you have expected them to be. They are of course fast in answering your e-mails but sometimes lack in-depth product knowledge.  In the business of tempered glass screen protector, you need to have a sound knowledge about the product as well as all the elements that make a good product excellent. You are always hoping that the sales representative with whom you are talking and negotiating should know things such as – shatter-proof quality, importance of good adhesive, what is oleophobic, 3D tempered glass screen protector, thickness of the product, anti-oil, anti-smudge, smooth installation and many other features. But you may find that they are missing on some parts. Here, you need to be bit patient and instead of finding faults and howling at them, you can say things in a positive way.
Let’s give you an example- You have asked for a detailed report on a specific product and you got the answer of your e-mail almost instantly. But the mail you got is not complete with all the information you need.  We advise you to not to get angry but praise them for their fast reply, you can say – “I am really pleased with your quick reply, this is really good. How long have you been working here? Would you mind to send these details again?

In this way, not only you can win their trust but you can also establish yourself as their guiding leader. In this way you can turn their bad and odd qualities into good ones and make them as your trusted partners.  We are sure about the fact that you love to have someone who can honour your business commitment towards your customers.

We at MPG strongly believe in mutual understanding, respect and trust while doing our business. We always try to be methodical, accurate and fast while communicating with you as well as delivering your products. We can make all kinds of tempered glass screen protectors as per your specifications and time limit. We value good relationship with our clients and want them to be our long-term partner and patrons. If you want to ask any question or interested in a specific product, do let us know. We will surely get back to you as fast as possible. Hopefully, this article will help you to solve many problems.


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