Constant use of Smartphones by the people all around the world has created huge demand and market for tempered glass screen protector. In China alone there are thousands of companies selling different variations of tempered glass screen protectors. If you want to import high-quality tempered glass screen protector from China you need to verify the quality of the product and for that you need to ask factories to send you the sample.  We know you are eager to do business with Chinese companies who can help your business grow, but at the same time you are still in doubts how easy or difficult it would be to ask for a sample. But there are few things you need to consider and learn before you ask for your sample.  We will try to explain this to you in a simple way so that you won’t face any trouble.

Preparation is everything:
You are about to explore a new market and for this you need to prepare yourself thoroughly so that you do not miss out on important points. Let’s start with three important questions that hold high importance during your preparation-

Why should you ask for the sample?
The answer is simple- You know exactly what you are looking for. You have studied and researched a lot about different types of tempered glass screen protectors that are available in China. Moreover, you have also studied the demands of particular product in your country.  There are many things you also need to take into consideration such as – a) Total cost that includes packaging and shipping; b) Overall sales volume that you can expecting to gain; c) Volume wise cost difference

a) Total cost (including packaging and shipping) – This is where you take note because cost of the overall product can vary due to packaging and shipping charges. If the packaging is really good then price of course will be high. In the same way, shipping cost too can vary time to time or on product basis.

b) Overall Sales Volume – Product you have selected for doing business in your country is another factor of your profit making. Your order will be based on your expected sales volume and at the same time you need to consider other cost elements attached with each order volume. Your calculation will create the difference in your profit margin.

c) Volume wise cost difference – Whenever you order tempered glass screen protector you need to check your profit margin. Profit margin can vary depending on the volume, for example – your profit margin (per piece) may not be the same if you order 500 pieces instead of 5000 pieces or 10,000 pieces. You need to ask your suppliers or the factory about the price factor before you ask for the sample of tempered glass screen protector.

What are you going to order?

Surprised?  Well, that’s exactly the point you should consider before asking for sample. You have already scanned your market, so the question is, as per the demand, are you going to order from the stock that the company already have or you are going to order for a customized sample?  These two hold completely different perspective a) Cost wise b) Quality wise. If the demand is for products that are already in the market then you order sample for that, else you order your customized one.
At first, you should ask for sample from company’s stock (shelf stock) which will give you a fair amount of idea about the overall quality of the product. Once you are satisfied with the quality then you can always ask the factory to customize it. This is also help you to negotiate the price as you know exactly the quality you are going to get and your feedback  will be taken seriously by the suppliers / factories.

What will be number of sample you should order?
This is another aspect of that holds immense importance and can impact hugely on your final decision.  Always ask for at least two samples from the factory to compare the quality. You should also ask to send samples from two different suppliers or factories to compare quality and price. Here, you can ask for samples from either from their shelf stock or you can order customized samples.  You may think that ordering two samples from two different suppliers can cost you heavily but this can be compensated or refunded once you place your final bulk order to one of the suppliers.

Ordering at least two samples from two different suppliers will help you immensely to know about the quality as we told you earlier as well as it will help you to negotiate. Samples will boost your confidence level as you now know how to calculate everything from order making to profit.

In China, there are number of tempered glass screen protector companies, middlemen, suppliers and this sampling process will help you to assess each one of them. We always advise you to ask factories to send you sample, not the middlemen or suppliers because direct transactions will cut down overall cost and increase your profit margin.

What will be the payment mode?
This is another vital point and you should be extra careful in this matter. We suggest you to pay through PayPal that is linked with your credit card. But before that you should reach an agreement with the suppliers / factories, in writing about every details of your order. If you are ordering a customized product then you should pen down every minute details. Reason, we have asked you to go for an agreement and pay through PayPal linked credit card is, in the time of any discrepancy you can hold your payment back.   Remember, there can be incidents such as – product not delivered, you are overtly charged for customization yet you get the worst product and many more such issues. So, it’s advisable to take precautions.

Time for inspection
Your ordered samples have arrived and it’s time to check few things that are in proper order or not.  First thing one must check is the packaging. Tempered glass screen protector needs proper packaging else the product can be damaged during shipping, or during the entire journey from China to your country.
Second thing you must inspect is the aesthetic quality of the product i.e. the finishing, polishing, and overall look and feel of the product.
Last thing that you should check is the functionality. Tempered glass screen protector is all about the functionality. Any good tempered glass screen protector provide you features like – anti dust, anti oil, smooth touch, complete cover and many more things that you have asked for. Check everything to make your mind.

During the entire process of inspection, you should take pictures and notes to document the entire process. This will help you to review it over and over before you finalize the product and the company.  Moreover, this documentation process will help you to negotiate with your supplier as you can show them the proof of what you are asking and what you got.

Asking for samples is a practical and good way to judge the product and suppliers before you start doing business. We at MPG can provide different types of tempered glass screen protector as per your demand.  We have a wide product range that can serve almost every Smartphone models around the world and if you want we can create customized tempered glass screen protector for you. If you have any question, you can ask us without any hesitation, we will surely revert with proper answer.

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