How to Find Hidden Profit from your tempered glass screen protector business

//How to Find Hidden Profit from your tempered glass screen protector business

How to Find Hidden Profit from your tempered glass screen protector business

Success of any business depends on proper planning and execution. You need to be very clear what you are going to do with your product. If you are planning to source tempered glass screen protector from China and sell it through Amazon or from your own website or your own brick and mortar store then you need to plan your strategy in the right manner. But you may have your own doubts and inhibitions about the quality of the product that you are going to source from China. You need to be completely sure that you are getting the exact thing what you have paid for and what you have agreed upon.

Irrespective of your agreement with your Chinese Seller you can increase your profit margin enjoys the edge over your competitors. We are going to tell you the ways that can help you to save money and increase your profit margin.

Pick Quality not Panic:
We understand you are worried about the quality of your product that you have ordered. You are also not sure about the fact how your seller going to maintain the quality so, you have opt for an external inspector who can check and verify our product. There is nothing wrong in this but it may seem that you do not trust your seller in this regard.  In one of our article we have already told you about the procedures of screening and picking of a good tempered glass screen protector manufacturer.

Always pick your screen protector manufacturer in such a way that you can trust them with your job. Spending too much time on panicking about the quality instead of concentrating on your selling goals can ruin your business. Assigning an external inspector to check the quality of your tempered glass screen protector will not only add up to the overall timeline of delivery but it will cost you extra bucks.  Here, you may argue that this is a value addition and double checking can ensure the reputation of your company but it is exactly the opposite.

From the time when your seller is agreed to take up your order he is actually focussing on delivering the best to you. It is about his sustainability too, and he knows bad name means bad business. On the other hand if you trust your seller and build a cordial value based professional relationship then you will always get the preference from him. Moreover, the commitment of long term business can also work in your favor.

So, instead of wasting money on third-party inspection team or company, it always good to trust the company from where you are buying your product, which in return will save lots of money.

In order to do that you need to have your own check-list that you must provide to your supplier when he said that your consignment is ready for shipping.
Here are the things you can ask your supplier
a) How do you test your shatter-proof quality?
b) What kind of adhesive you have used can you please send me the company name and your partial purchase detail (Here, don’t ask your supplier to provide the rate or price of the adhesive)
c) What is the thickness you have provided?
d) Can you send me the video of Oleophobic test?
e) Can you send me the video of size specification measurement

If you have order for customized tempered glass screen protectors, and then ask your supplier about the detail report on customization.

Here are few things that you should take notes if you are looking for good quality tempered glass screen protector –

You can always ask your supplier for a definite thickness and ask them to verify with him during the time of inspection-
a) Thinner is better
b) Transmittance quality of thinner product is better
c) Toughness of thinner products are good



Cutting Process
You must know that cutting processes are generally three kinds: Flat edge, 2.5D arc edge, 3D arc edge. You can always ask your supplier to provide you the details of cutting process.

Flat Edge -In this process, flat edge of the tempered screen protector is cut to the desired size at right angle. It’s done without polishing,
2.5D Arc Edge -Here, tempered glass screen protector is going through the glass sweep machine chamfering and the product feels smoother.
 3D Arc Edge –In this process, tempered glass screen protector to go through the hot bending machine.

Please remember, the more complex the process is the higher the corresponding cost become so you need to verify it with your supplier. Once you get the result that is satisfactory you can go for it. Outside inspector may not get this right all the time, so it is better to avoid him and trust your supplier.


Applying the tempered glass screen protector on the surface of any Smartphone needs special care and attention. Except for the earpiece area and areas with small openings where dust can gather easily. Entire surface needs proper attention and the full glue must be applied thoroughly.  You should ask for this test also to be really sure about the result.


In this process, tempered glass screen protector goes through a special method to improve the hardness and impact resistance of the material. Products that are coming out if this second strengthening process of tempered glass screen protector are high on hardness and its impact resistance is stronger. Moreover, one rarely finds any broken edge. You can ask your supplier to give you the report of secondary strengthening process so that you can verify it.


This is another test that you can ask to perform when the inspection is going on. This is a small test that you should ask you to ensure the cell phone’s membrane is good or not.

We call it Drop test – Let a drop of water fall on the surface of the flat cell phone membrane, if the water drops are spread with the angle less than 110, then the steel technology of this mobile phone membrane is not very good.

During inspection ask your supplier to perform the test and show the shape of the drop remains relatively rounded.



Rules are quite straight here and we follow them. Professional test is conducted with #0000 steel velvet where each piece of mobile phone screen protector must weather Friction 2000 times to pass the wear resistance test. Ask your supplier to conduct the test and share the result with you.

There are many things that every buyer should take notice before committing to the final agreement with the seller.  We believe that tempered glass screen protector manufacturing and selling business needs constant cooperation from both the seller and the buyer to make it a profitable one. We also believe us as a seller and manufacturer of tempered glass screen protector from China must guide you to the right direction. We can manufacture and import wide range of tempered glass screen protector as per your specifications. We can also guide you to pick the product that will help you to grow your business in your region. If you have any doubt and question do tell us without any hesitation. We will get back to you as early as possible with the right answer.

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