Always choose tempered glass protection over PET

//Always choose tempered glass protection over PET

Always choose tempered glass protection over PET

Tempered glass screen guard’s popularity rose highly over the past few years and the reason is simple. It is effective and inexpensive. If you are looking for a cheap way to protect your smartphone or tablet, you can buy glass screen protectors starting with $1. Even for a low price, they beat plastic in the terms of quality. Here is why:

  • Better screen protection in the case of shock or fall
  • Glass feel resembles smartphone’s glass
  • A coating that avoids fingerprints and water
  • Dirt and dust protection
  • Scratch proof with 9H hardness
  • Doesn’t disturb the phone’s look

Keep in mind that like any other product made in China, lower price often means lower quality. Lower quality screen protectors can do more harm than good. In rare instances, these can be made from regular glass. Which is why you should be careful of what you are buying and if you can, spend a few dollars more for better quality protection.

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