Thick or Thin Screen Protector?

//Thick or Thin Screen Protector?

Thick or Thin Screen Protector?

Well, each side has its own positives and negatives.
As, we have said earlier, thinner tempered glasses are much more responsive to the touches making it more preferred choice to the smart phone users. But there are people who prefer to opt for more thickly tempered glass as they look for more protection despite the fact that this type is less touch sensitive. Moreover, thinner the tempered glass is more difficult for the screen protector to crack.
Generally, it is advisable for general buyers to opt for 0.33 mm tempered glass screen protector and worldwide it’s high on demand.

Consumers will always find it difficult to distinguish the small differences where dishonest manufacturers will mark the thickness of the glass material to be 0.26mm, 0.2mm or even 0.15mm when the actual thickness of the glass material is 0.33mm. For the glass material, the cost of 0.1mm is the highest and 0.4mm is the cheapest.
Our Recommendation
Usually Our MPG Group recommend 0.33mm tempered glass screen protectors to all the buyers who are looking for their value for money. Keeping the heavy demands of a large section of consumers MPG Group produce the screen protectors with 0.33mm tempered glass protectors but screen protectors with other thickness glass materials can be produced too.

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