Does Apple’s iphone need tempered glass screen protector?

//Does Apple’s iphone need tempered glass screen protector?

Does Apple’s iphone need tempered glass screen protector?

Apple’s iphone is most sought after and prestigious smartphone for major part of the people in this world. Despite increasing presences of different android smartphone brands, Apple’s iphones are still leading the race. Generally, iPhone makers i.e. Apple claims that their phones are strong enough and do not need any external layer of protection in the form of tempered glass screen protector which is not always true.

Although over the years Apple has upgraded its iPhone by bringing in new models and latest one in the offer is iPhone 12. Prior to this one we have so many models of iphones that came with different screen sizes and features. But the question remains are they good enough to resist all kinds of scratches and shocks. Let’s dig deep into it to find the answer.

Secured Enough but is it Strong Enough Also?

It is proven that Apple phones are most secured Smartphone till date. Cyber security experts around the world agree on the fact it is really difficult to break into an iPhone and hack the data. On the other hand same cannot be said for toughness of the iphones. Even after providing tough glasses as the screen of iphone it remains vulnerable to shocks, scratches and impacts.

Why Iphone is preferred over Androids?

There are many reasons of course we are just going to point out few of them
iPhone is more user-friendly
iPhones work beautifully with Mac airbooks and laptops
Resale Value: iPhone keeps Its Worth.
Accessibility: iPhone is the best in all aspects

But no review will say it is the toughest phone on this earth. It means Apple’s iPhones do need an extra layer of protection for its original glass screen surface.
Now the question is why only tempered glass screen protector?

There are many types of screen protector available for smartphones from plastic to liquid to tempered glass screen protector. If we compare the qualities and properties each of them we will get the answer.

1) Plastic Screen Guards – Here we can get two types of varieties

a) PET Plastic Screen Protector
PET plastic screen protectors mainly consist of polyester film with a matte coating on one side and silicone adhesive on the other. If you consider a very high-quality PET plastic screen protectors for your Apple’s iPhone then you will discover that they are clear and add a little protection as anti-scratch layer to the screen. But though these types of screen protectors don’t protrude as much as some tempered glass, they offer very little impact protection.

b)TPU Plastic Screen Protector
This second type of screen protector known as TPU plastic offers a flexible, almost rubbery plastic that may cover edge-to-edge on your Apple’s iphone. It has better impact protection than PET plastic and “self-healing” powers for small scratches. However, this type of screen protector is difficult to apply and doesn’t feel as natural as a glass screen protector.

Now, if we consider the properties of Tempered glass screen protector we will see the obvious advantages of it. But at first, it would be better to revive our knowledge on Tempered glass screen protector

Tempered Glass Screen Protector
The process of creating tempered glass screen protector is very methodical and intensive. Generally, tempered glass is created by taking a normal glass through different thermal and chemical treatments, in order to increases its strength and durability. Beside smartphone tempered glass is used for car windshields, safety glasses, kitchen appliances and smartphones as screen protectors. High-quality tempered glass is one of the best screen protectors for a number of reasons—it has good light transmittance, making for a clear display. It’s anti-reflective and glare reducing. Tempered glass also has the same look and feel as your cell phone screen, so you hardly notice it’s there.

Let’s explain it in a much more detailed manner so that you can understand why it is important to install tempered glass screen protector to Apple’s iphone.

It gives you an extra layer of toughness
The thermal tempering process that we discussed above which used to manufacture tempered glass makes the glass way stronger than ordinary glass. It has been tested and proven over the times that tempered glass can stand up to strong winds, direct impact from blows and bumps, and minor explosions. So, when you apply or install a good quality tempered glass screen protector to your iPhone irrespective of the model you will secure the original glass screen.

It offers heat resistance
This is a fact and proven after various tests that tempered glass can resist temperatures of up to 470 degrees Fahrenheit. This property makes tempered glass ideal for iPhone users as they can take their iPhones in any extreme weather where heat is too much.

Crystal clear clarity
You will hardly get any instance to show as an example where a tough material is offering crystal clear clarity. We all know that tempering process makes tempered glass super tough but interesting part is that it doesn’t affect the clarity of the glass. Tempered glass is crystal clear and transparent, which means you won’t have any problem with visibility.

Resist scratches easily
The manufacturing process that makes tempered glass thermally tough also makes it scratch-resistant. This makes tempered glass an ideal material for screen protector and that is why it is in high demand.

Oleophobic Coating
Presence of oleophobic coating means dust and oil are repelled. You don’t need to buy any external solution to clean your iPhone.

Fit for any Screen size
It won’t matter much which iPhone model you have, it can be iPhone 11, I Phone 12, iPhone7 or any other lower or higher versions tempered glass screen protector is able to provide you with perfect end-to-end fit as it is designs to suit your needs.

Conclusion: Despite improvement of technology protection is needed for smartphone when it comes to original glass screen. Apple products indeed are very good but adding an extra layer of protection will not only help the device to last longer. iPhones are really pricey product, so it is always better to take care in a proper way.
We always recommend using tempered glass screen protector for iPhone. We are hoping that this article will help you to understand about the importance of tempered glass screen protector on your iPhone.

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