Wholesale OnePlus 12R Screen Protector Supplier: Mobile Phone Screen Protectors

//Wholesale OnePlus 12R Screen Protector Supplier: Mobile Phone Screen Protectors

Wholesale OnePlus 12R Screen Protector Supplier: Mobile Phone Screen Protectors

Wholesale OnePlus 12R Screen Protector Supplier: Mobile Phone Screen Protectors


OnePlus has been at the forefront in terms of innovation within the mobile industry, consistently delivering products that have redefined the user experience. With the OnePlus 12R release imminent, the anticipation level is sky-high. MPG Screen Protector – a trusted producer of tempered glass since 2008 – is proud to offer our latest item: the Glass Screen Protector OnePlus 12R. MPG’s knowledge and expertise will enhance the OnePlus 12R’s user experience.

Precision Engineering:

MPG Screen Protector is all about precision. Each Glass Screen for the OnePlus 12R has been meticulously engineered in order to provide a flawless fit. With our advanced manufacturing process, we create tempered glass that is ultra-thin and durable. It seamlessly blends into the device’s display while maintaining its original touch sensitiveness and clarity. With MPG users can have the peace of mind that their OnePlus 12R’s display is being protected without compromise.

No Other Protection Can Compare

MPG Screen Protector provides the ultimate protection to your OnePlus 12R. This specially formulated glass offers superior scratch resistance and protects your screen from the daily wear. MPG Glass Screen Protection ensures your OnePlus 12R stays smudge-free and pristine, protecting it from accidental drops or scratches caused by keys rubbing on the surface of the phone.

Crystal clear Clarity:

One of the most striking features of the OnePlus 12R, is the vibrant display. The screen can reproduce vivid colors as well as crisp details. MPG Glass Screen protector allows users to fully enjoy the brilliance and clarity of this display. Our advanced optical technologies minimize glare and reflectivity, allowing OnePlus 12R display to shine without obstruction. We’ve got a coating that repels oils to make cleaning the screen a breeze.

Seamless Integration:

MPG Glass Screen Protector complements the sleek design of the OnePlus 12R and its ergonomic shape. The ultra thin profile is designed to add minimal bulk and maximum protection to your device, allowing you to keep the OnePlus 12R looking as slim as possible. The precise cutouts on the device allow for full accessibility of its ports, speakers, camera and front facing lens.

Eco-Friendly Packaging:

MPG Screen Protector is committed to sustainability and the protection of our environment. Because of this, our Glass Screen Protection for the OnePlus 12R arrives in eco-friendly packaging. We reduce our environmental footprint and waste. Because we believe that protecting your device shouldn’t harm the environment, every part of our company is environmentally friendly.


MPG Glass Screen protector offers OnePlus 12R customers peace of mind that their device has been protected by leading tempered-glass technology. MPG Screen protector is the perfect addition to your OnePlus 12R Screen Protector. It offers unmatched clarity and protection as well as precision engineering. MPG offers unmatched quality, reliability and environmental consciousness – your OnePlus 12R deserves the best.

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