What is Electronic Discharge Screen ( ESD) protector?

//What is Electronic Discharge Screen ( ESD) protector?

What is Electronic Discharge Screen ( ESD) protector?

What is Electronic Discharge Screen ( ESD) protector?

There are so many screen protectors out in the market and each one is claiming its supremacy. In this article, we are going to discuss Electronic Discharge Screen and why it is going to give benefits to your smartphone rather than any other screen protector.

First thing First

Why do we need an Electronic Discharge screen protector at all? Today’s smartphone makers are intelligent enough to provide tough glass screens that won’t get scratched or damaged easily. Yet, people are extra cautious when it comes to protecting their smartphones’ screens. They do this because they love their smartphones a lot which is why tempered glass screen protectors and other types of screen protector makers are trying to offer their products.

Tempered Glass Explained

To date, one of the best solutions to protect the screen of any smartphone comes from tempered glass screen protector makers. The tempered glass screen protector is a thin layer of the protective film is attached to the surface of the mobile phone to safeguard the mobile phone. Although, the end product is ‘thin’ it contains loads of durability, strength, and smooth touch sensitivity that beats all its competitors.

The mobile phone tempered film is the tempered glass mobile phone film. It is a mobile phone protective film used to protect the screen. It can completely cover the original screen surface to prevent damage and scratches from external forces. Also, it increases shock absorption and will not affect the screen’s use effect, making the mobile phone tempered film more and more popular with the public.


Making process

In general, the production process of mobile phone tempered film follows certain steps – processes such as cutting-cnc-sweeping-cleaning-bending-tempering-oiling-baking-defoaming are done in orderly ways.

What is Tempering?

Tempering is to temper the thin glass film ( tempered glass) formed by hot bending, in such a way that it will improve the strength of the tempered film of the mobile phone. In the earlier stages of making, the tempered film of the mobile phone is generally soaked in the heated and melted potassium nitrate, and then the tempered film is subjected to a chemical reaction of plasma replacement through high temperature;

Throughout this tempering process Potassium nitrate stored on the tempered film is not evenly aired, so that potassium nitrate can be recycled and reused, reducing manufacturing costs, and affecting the tempering effect of the tempered film, reducing the tempering strength

However,  like all other products in this world, it too has its issues. In this case, the existing mobile phone tempered film is prone to generate static electricity very quickly during the time of installation.

The protective film on the tempered film or the protective bottom plate is torn off before the film is installed. At the time of attaching/ installing the tempered film on the mobile phone, the static electrode absorbs the surrounding dust easily which affects the adhesive layer, resulting in dust sticking to the mobile phone. Dust is the biggest enemy of any product that uses adhesive or glue to attach it to any surface which affects the stickiness of the bond and in turn spoils the consumer’s experience who is unable to enjoy the smooth experience of protective cover, especially in dry weather; When holding the film on the side of the mobile phone film, the fingerprints or dust on the hand will adhere to the bottom layer of the tempered film. This is something that no one is going to experience or enjoy.


To resolve the above mention problem and to give smartphone users the unique experience of smooth handling tempered glass screen protector manufacturers came up with the solution – Electrostatic Discharge or ESD.

ESD (electrostatic discharge) screen protectors are designed in such a way that they will protect electronic devices from damage caused by static electricity. Manufacturers of the tempered film have introduced a special coating that helps to dissipate static charges which will prevent damage to the device. The basic task of any screen protector is to act as a protector and savior of the original screen. It is a good way to protect the screen of your device from scratches and other types of damage.

However, the specific quality of an ESD screen protector will depend on its material, construction, and other factors. But one important piece of advice that all screen protector buyers should follow which should not be neglected is to carefully research and compare different options to find a screen protector that meets your needs and fits your device well.

Over the years, tempered glass screen protectors have evolved a lot and offer a wide variety of options to their users. All you need to do is to find the right note down your requirements as per your phone and look for the exact product you want. Remember, different manufacturers offer different types of tempered glass screen protectors at different price points. The choice is yours.

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