BEWARE of all New Bank Account and e-mail given by your Tempered Glass Screen Protector Supplier.

//BEWARE of all New Bank Account and e-mail given by your Tempered Glass Screen Protector Supplier.

BEWARE of all New Bank Account and e-mail given by your Tempered Glass Screen Protector Supplier.

Business is of course about making money by selling products or services. If you are doing the business of importing tempered glass screen protector from China then you should keep your guard on.  Unless, you are doing the business for long time and develop a good understanding as well as trust with your supplier, it is always better to take every step cautiously.  In China there are many suppliers who provide tempered glass screen protector to buyers. Some of the suppliers are trading companies and some of them are manufacturers. It is a fact that not all of them are good and honest. You need to be very careful when you select your supplier and then take all the necessary processes of verification and quality inspection of the products. You should also check the production capacity of your supplier.

Because anything can go wrong at any point of time during the payment transaction.

If you are starting a business of selling tempered glass screen protector in your locality or city or through online portals. But there are incidents where some Chinese suppliers duped their clients.  Fraud supplier will first gain your trust by supplying good quality tempered glass screen protector at an affordable and competitive price in comparison to Chinese wholesale market. But in your second or third order they may send you an e-mail from a personal account and ask you to deposit the money on a different account. This is the time to get alert, always call your supplier to check if there is any change in the payment transaction details or what is the reason of sending an e-mail such as this from a personal account.

Generally, it is the brainwork of the sales person who either wants to leave the job or hacked company profile to take undue financial advantages from client.

There are two more possibilities:

1)  E-mail of the supplier is hacked, and hacker sent out the new payment information

2) Sales person has some personal vested interest.
So, at first try to double check the security of your e-mail and your supplier’s e-mail by sending few e-mails and asking the supplier to answer them.  If he received all the mails then it is fine otherwise the company e-mail of the supplier is hacked or manipulated to take some undue advantage.
Just confirm with supplier if he or anyone of the company is allowed to use personal e-mail for business transaction or to communicate with client.  If the supplier has full faith on his sales team then dig deeper to find the trace.

If the hacker can take control of your supplier’s e-mail or yours both you and your supplier won’t get any idea. Chances are there where Hacker can send an e-mail pretending as you and ask them to for refund by sighting some false reasons.  They can even ask you or your supplier to download or upload some information or some updated contract (or similar things like that) attached with the e-mail. The moment you touch the attached file and download or upload it you have activated a Trojan virus.

This is an obvious sign that the hacker has hacked into the email system. They noticed there was big quantity order going on. So they created and registered 2 emails, one was the private email of the in somebody’s name (who is from the supplier’s side) the other was a similar email to you. Once they established their entry then they used the personal email account to communicate with both the sides by using similar email.


They have been in the middle for a long time, hidden in the shadow, waiting the chance of payment, and then they sent their bank account, asking the client to send the balance to his personal account.


There are other dangers too. Suppose you are sharing following technical details with your suppliers to create your own product i.e. own tempered glass screen protector.  Following details have been shared in the e-mails

So, be on guard-

  1. Always call your supplier if you receive any new request of payment deposit in new account to validate it.
  2. Changed your email account password periodically.
  3. Appoint an IT professional who can to take care online and offline security of your data and computers.
  4. Inform your supplier that you will only communicate with the official e-mail of the company and won’t entertain any other e-mail account. Double check everything with your supplier before sending payment to new account but make sure it is not a spam.Conclusion:
    We hope this article helps you with valuable information regarding false transaction by your supplier in order to dupe you. We at MPG are producing high-quality tempered glass screen protector in our own factory in China and exporting it all over the world. Our aim is to provide the best product to our customers as we can create customized tempered glass screen protector as per the specs given by our customers.  If you want to ask any question, please do not hesitate. Send us your questions or product related queries and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.
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